Minimalist artist, photographer, & educator inspired by Black culture, Black color, and the Black experience. Known for the words, "Ignoring your passion is slow suicide. Never ignore what your heart pumps for."

Artwork shown here explores themes of identity, purpose, love, and freedom, but to categorize each piece would do the viewer a disservice. All are open to interpretation. Any static definition would only create a hindrance to understanding. The intention behind the work does not outweigh the process. The composition and aesthetic of all work shown is intentionally minimal.

Black Paintings inspiration:

The primary inspiration behind each of these pieces is in Black identity and the multiple complexities and layers involved in being a Black individual, specifically within the context of The United States of America. When some view the work, they see “just a black painting” and move on. Similarly, and unfortunately, the same dismissal often occurs when individuals see Black individuals in America, ignoring their existence, oversimplifying their contribution, refusing to acknowledge their value, and choosing not to look beneath the surface. Perhaps this speaks more about the nature of the viewer than it does the artwork itself. Each piece is composed of various acrylic colors, beneath the layers of black, and over time as the painting ages and is damaged, small specs of the bright colors underneath become visible. There is no right way to view the work or understand it. What remains true is that over time, the work changes, as does the viewer, and we see what we are willing to.

Born in Washington, D.C. Currently living & working in Santa Barbara, CA.

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