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Kevin Claiborne is a social entrepreneur, author, and founder of 413 Ways: a movement created to empower individuals to be educated, motivated, and successful - on their own terms - through speaking events, social media, community service, and other projects.


SOYL Talks

Supporting Our Young Leaders SOYL Talks is a monthly lecture series and weekly podcast connecting Millennials with entrepreneurs and business leaders teaching them how to mold their careers around their lifestyle, rather than their lifestyles around their careers. We teach young leaders how to take their businesses, brands, & side hustles to the next level. SOYL is Where Ideas Grow.

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413 Ways

The social project and interactive book 413 Ways was created to shift the way people define, perceive, and achieve success.  Success is subjective, and since we all perceive it differently, we should place more emphasis on the self-reflection necessary to define and achieve it on our own terms.

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